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Industrial floors are designed specifically for commercial and industrial spaces. These floors need to be durable, non-slip, easy to maintain, and able to withstand the usual daily wear and tear encountered in these areas. There are various types of industrial floors, including resilient tiles, epoxy floors, concrete, and other types. The choice of the appropriate type of floor depends on the needs and requirements of the specific industrial space.

Our company 'DOGKAS ILIAS,' located in Ilion, Attica, constructs high-demand industrial floors for industries, warehouses, factories, parking spaces, gas stations, car repair shops, and any space requiring floors of special requirements in Attica and throughout Greece.









Stamped floors are one of the most popular choices for high-strength decorative outdoor floors.

These floors are essentially concrete that is shaped to resemble various materials and textures, such as bricks, stones, tiles, and wood. It is an elegant application for paving in outdoor areas, enjoying great popularity due to its resistance to abrasion and weather conditions, as well as its long lifespan.

Η εταιρεία "ΝΤΟΓΚΑΣ ΗΛΙΑΣ", με έδρα το Ίλιον της Αττικής, εξειδικεύεται στο σχεδιασμό, την κατασκευή και την προσαρμογή σταμπωτών δαπέδων σε οικίες και επαγγελματικούς χώρους.

Προσφέρει ποιοτικές υπηρεσίες που εξασφαλίζουν άψογα αισθητικά και λειτουργικά αποτελέσματα.


Anti-slip floors are one of the most popular choices for both outdoor and indoor spaces that face moisture and the risk of slipping. These floors offer a high level of safety and ease of use, ensuring protection against potential risks of injury due to slipping.

Anti-slip floors can be customized to various surfaces, offering a wide range of designs and colors. They are the ideal choice for areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, pools, poolside areas, as well as outdoor spaces like balconies, patios, and courtyards.

Our company 'DOGKAS ILIAS,' based in Ilion, Attica, specializes in the construction and installation of anti-slip floors in homes, commercial spaces, and public facilities.






Ramps are a reliable and safe solution for creating access areas in various environments, such as buildings, airports, metro stations, sports facilities, and more. These ramps are characterized by their special design with ridges or grooves on the surface, which provide additional grip and anti-slip properties.

The ramps are made of concrete with hardening materials, and the surface is grooved with special cutters to create the pattern needed to achieve the ramp's anti-slip properties. They are designed to withstand the forces exerted by vehicle traffic.

Our company, 'DOGKAS ILIAS,' specializes in the production and installation of ramps throughout Greece. With extensive experience and expertise in the field, we ensure high quality and safety in every installation. Additionally, we offer customized solutions tailored to the needs and specifications of each client, ensuring their satisfaction.





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