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With over thirty years of experience in the field of stamped and industrial floors, our company, 'DOGKAS ILIAS,' located in Ilion, Attica, is ready to undertake and complete any project related to this sector, promptly and economically.

With specialized and experienced staff, as well as the use of the most modern equipment, our enterprise has the ability to meet any challenge, even in the most demanding and complex projects, whether they concern public or private entities.

With our commitment to high quality and professional service, we are always available to offer solutions that will meet the needs and expectations of each of our clients.



Our main services include the following:

► Industrial Floors

► Stamped Floors

► Anti-slip Floors

► Industrial Grooved Ramps





Our upward trajectory is the result of continuous efforts for excellent quality and reliable service delivery through the modernization of high technology and specialization.

Our strategy is based on providing high-level services to meet the needs of those who choose to collaborate with us, with respect, consistency, responsibility, and fair prices.




We are consistent

We have successfully and consistently undertaken countless private and public projects for the shaping of outdoor spaces and construction of floors. We ensure that

We always deliver the project within the deadline.
We adhere to the highest standards.
We offer a variety of options to the client.
We provide the best market prices.
We support the client even after the completion of the project.




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